There are so many different breeds of dogs with different temperaments and traits, it can be overwhelming to try to narrow down to just one! It’s a good thing professional puppy lovers like us have so much information on every breed of dog, such as the sweet little Shih-Tzu, to help you decide which one could be the right fit for your family.

Just remember, every little puppy grows up to have their own individual personality, and that depends in part on you. Proper training in addition to regular grooming and other healthcare steps for your pooch are essential for a happy dog with a pleasant demeanor.

Shih-Tzu Personality Traits are So Lovable

The typical Shih-Tzu temperament is traditionally very loving and affectionate. These little cuties were bred to be a companion dog, and that’s exactly what you get with them. They’ll follow you around the home and yard, and take joy in just about any activity you include them in.

They Love Activity But Don’t Need a Ton of Room to Roam

Shih-Tzus are a small breed, and they don’t usually get any bigger than 15 pounds. They are very energetic and outgoing, and shih-tzus love to be with people and other animals alike. As a puppy, proper socializing is essential to making sure your four-legged friend becomes as friendly as this breed is known to be. Take your little pup for a walk or throw a toy and play fetch, and he’ll be your best friend no matter how big or small your yard.

Shih-Tzus Have a Quiet Demeanor

Since they were bred to be a companion dog and not a working dog, they have no predisposition to bark at company when they come to the door. Rather than feeling the need to alert to an intruder, your Shih-Tzu just wants love from anyone who will give it. They are so very adaptable in this way and quickly and easily adapt to children and new family members.

Shopping for a Shih-Tzu for Sale in Boca Raton?

When you’re looking for your next furry little family member, remember to do your research and find a breed that will get along well with your lifestyle. We’d be surprised if the Shih-Tzu didn’t make your top 5 list of breeds you’re interested in! If this adorable small companion breed has melted your heart and you’d like to learn more, come in to Love My Puppy, or call us at 561-368-6767 to view our shih-tzus for sale near West Palm Beach.