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    0-3 Starting at 25* Starting at 35* Starting at 50*
    4-15 Starting at 35* Starting at 50* Starting at 70*
    16-30 Starting at 45* Starting at 70* Starting at 90*
    31-49 Starting at 65* Starting at 90* Starting at 120*
    50-75 Starting at 90* Starting at 115* Starting at 145*
    76-99 Starting at 105* Starting at 130* Starting at 170*
    100 and up Starting at 125* Starting at 150* Starting at 200*

    Grooming by Love My Puppy

    Bath (BO)

    Includes bath and blow dry, comb and brush out, cleaning of ears and plucking (if applicable), and expressing anal glands.

    Mini-Groom (MG)
    Includes all bath services plus a tidy up of the feet, face, ears, tail, and sanitary. The hair on the body is NOT trimmed at all on a Mini-Groom.

    Full-Groom (FG)
    All of the Bath and Mini-Groom services, plus a complete haircut to breed standards or as requested.

    Teeth Brushing
    We give your dog their own toothbrush and use all-natural toothpaste.

    Nail Clip
    Clipping and/or filing of the nails.

    We can demat dogs that are severely matted at an additional charge.

    Drop Off and Pick Up
    For your convenience, we have a designated parking spot for all of our Grooming clients.

    Call For An Appointment Today (561) 368-6767

    We groom to breed standards or personal preference

    • Cage free
    • Stress free
    • Play all day until your groom!
    • Viewing window for your comfort
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