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There’s nothing better than having a furry companion to snuggle with at the end of a long day. With the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping, it’s no surprise that a growing number of people are using the internet to find a puppy. But with this convenience comes the risk of falling victim to a scam. Here’s what you need to know about the latest puppy scam alert before you begin your online search.

Puppy Scam Alert: Red Flags You Need to Know

When searching for your new four-legged friend, there are some red flags to be aware of. If you come across any of these, be very cautious!

  • No real puppy photos: Avoid buying from a website that uses stock or stolen photos. If you see the same photo used across many sites or listings, chances are that the seller isn’t even selling pups.

  • Text-based communication only: Scammers typically prefer to talk by email or text. A reputable breeder should be more than willing to talk to you via phone or video chat and even allow you to see the pups while you’re chatting.

  • Prices too good to be true: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Research the average price of the breed you want to buy. Purebred dogs sold at low prices are usually not actually pedigreed.

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How to Find a Reputable Pet Shop Online

The good news is that there are many things you can do to ensure that you’re buying from a legitimate pet store that only selects dogs from the best breeders. Here are some tips to consider throughout the process of finding your furry family member.

  • Start by reading reviews. A reputable online retailer should have plenty of positive reviews from past customers. You can find reviews on their website, on Google, and on social media platforms. You may also want to ask for referrals from friends, family members, and even coworkers who have purchased from a pet store.

  • It’s also important to meet the seller. If the retailer is local, take a trip to their location. Otherwise, schedule a video chat, so that you can talk face to face. This also lets you see your potential puppy in action!

  • Before committing to a pup, don’t hesitate to ask for more information. Responsible retailers will provide all the important details, including information about the puppy’s mom and dad, vaccination records, and health screenings.

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