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Did you know there are actually hypoallergenic breeds of dogs? There are a number of breeds that are ideal for pet parents who suffer from dog allergies. If you’re an avid pup lover who just cannot stop coughing in the presence of a dog or if a member of your family can’t stop the sniffles when a dog is around, you can find out all about our hypoallergenic dogs for sale at Love My Puppy.


Dogs that are hypoallergenic tend to shed much less compared to dogs of other breeds. There is no such thing as a completely allergen-free dog. To some extent, every breed sheds hair, loses dander, and drools. However, reduced shedding equals less fur and dander in the area, which can benefit allergy sufferers.

When looking through our hypoallergenic dogs for sale, you will see a diverse selection of minimal shedding breeds. There are curly and bristly coats, as well as long and luscious coats. Feel free to choose from the following pups in our collection of hypoallergenic dogs at Love My Puppy:

  • Toy Poodles: Poodles, from miniature to standard-sized, are a superb minimal-shedding breed.  They have nearly zero dander and sport hairs rather than fur. The wavy coat of a poodle is known to trap loose hair and allergens until they are brushed.
  • Yorkshire Terriers: Yorkshire terriers have hairs rather than fur and produce very little dander. They release minimal irritants because their coat is comparable to human tresses. This means less sneezing and more cuddling!
  • Maltese: Maltese pups sport hairs rather than fur and have very little dander too. Their coat is smooth and straight with no undercoat. As a result, there will be lesser shedding and fewer allergens.
  • Shih-Tzus: Shih-Tzus have fur but still very little dander. Because their fur is comparable to human hairs, allergy sufferers are less prone to react to it.
  • Havanese: Havanese dogs also have fur but very little dander. They have a smooth, long coat and release minimal dander. Their fuzzy coat looks thick but sports soft, delicate waves.


Dogs with beautiful long coats tend to produce less dander. Our hypoallergenic dogs at Love My Puppy usually sport coats of hairs instead of thick furry undercoats. Furthermore, curly and bristly hair retains dander firmly in place between grooming sessions, making this style of coat ideal for dog-allergic people. Our hypoallergenic dogs have luxuriant, wiry, or barely-there hair coats. Such coats are much less prone to elicit allergic responses. Moreover, hair coats often grow slowly compared to dense furry coats. As such, hypoallergenic dogs drop far fewer hairs and do not necessitate plenty of grooming appointments.


Love My Puppy is a family-run shop with one main purpose: to unite amazing puppies with amazingly loving households, leading to incredible relationships. Straight from our house to yours, we take pride in providing happy and healthy hypoallergenic pups as well as other puppy-raising items for sale.

To meet our hypoallergenic dogs for sale, do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 561-368-6767 today!