Why do we all love looking at pictures of puppies so much? It’s more than just the fact that smaller dog breeds look similar to puppies, but that’s still a great start! Here are just a few more reasons why we love small breed dogs, and why you will too.

Small Dog Breeds Live Longer

It’s true! Scientists are baffled on this, only able to speculate and theorize the reason why smaller dogs tend to live longer when the opposite tends to be true in just about all other types of animals. Take this extreme case of mammals for example: an elephant can live anywhere between 50 and 70 years, while a little gerbil only has a life expectancy of 2 to 4 years. Mother Nature can be a mystery, especially when the average lifespan of dogs is between 10 and 13 years, but the Maltese breed often lives 15 years or more.

Small Breed Dogs are Easier to Bathe and Groom

When it comes to bath time and general grooming maintenance, the tiny stature of small breeds is bound to make cleanup time easier. You may even be able to wash your pooch in your kitchen or bathroom sink, saving strain on your back and knees from bending over the tub. Dogs of any size are sometimes prone to disliking bath time, so the easier it is to give them a thorough wash, the better.

Your Home’s Location or Size Works Best for Smaller Dogs

This one’s really for the dogs. If you love your furry friend, you want to take into consideration how much room they need to live and roam happily. A small dog may be able to get an appropriate amount of exercise and playtime from just running around your home inside, depending on their size.

You may live in a larger home now, but the day may come when you decide to move into an apartment, condo, or smaller home. You may have restrictions on breeds you’re allowed to have in the event of the move. So if you anticipate any type of housing changes in the future, you may want to consider that when purchasing a pooch.

You Want Your Household Members and Company to Feel Comfortable Around Your Dog

Small children who are not used to big family pets may appreciate a smaller dog while they’re younger. Puppies that stay small as they grow are more approachable to younger kids.

Love My Puppy Has Small Breeds Including Toy Poodles for Sale in Boca Raton

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