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Where do your puppies come from?

All our puppies come from private USDA licensed breeders. No puppy mills!!!! We DO NOT support inhumane treatment of animals.

What comes with the puppies?

Besides the unconditional love and friendship they come with shots all up to date (we cannot vaccinate puppies before they are ready). Microchipped, one year congenital warranty, and 2 weeks free with our vet.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is in every puppy between their shoulder blades. It is NOT GPS it is a “good samaritan device” meaning if someone finds your puppy and checks for a chip then you get your puppy back.

How can I pay for a puppy?

We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Financing. Sorry no checks.

How does financing a puppy work?

We use 2 different companies, Wags and EasyPay. You fill out the form on our website and depending on approval amount you can use any amount of the approval and if there is a difference in price you would be responsible for that difference. Example: You want a puppy that is $3500 and you're approved for $2500 then you would owe $1000 to us either in cash or a card.

What puppies are good with children?

Any puppy that is raised with children will be good with children.

Will the puppy bark?

Yes, all puppies will bark. It is up to the owner how much or how little a puppy will bark.

Will my puppy bite or eat things in my house?

All puppies have teeth and are teething. If you keep your puppy in a confined space they will not be able to teeth on anything. Toys for teething are available in our store.

How long have you been in business?

We opened our store on Halloween of 2010. We are a family business and we love what we do and have plans for a very long future.

Can I special order a puppy?

If there is a puppy that we do not have in our store, we can special order it for you from one of our reputable private breeders.

How old are your puppies?

Our puppies vary in age but we never have a puppy under 8 weeks of age.

Do your puppies have their shots?

All our puppies' vaccinations are up to date. Our vet visits our store weekly and sees our puppies to ensure their overall good health. All vaccinations are done at our store with proper paperwork that accompanies each puppy to their new family home.

Do you have grooming?

We have Bark Avenue Grooming within our store. We groom Tuesday through Saturday. Please call us to schedule an appointment in our grooming shop.

Do your puppies come with a guarantee?

Our puppies come with a one year congenital guarantee along with 2 weeks free with our vet. In addition they also come with a health certificate for travel and a microchip.

What do puppies eat?

We carry dog food in our store. When you bring one of our beautiful puppies home make sure you pickup a bag of dog food before you leave.