It’s important to potty train your puppy to make life easier for both you and puppy as they grow. Once your puppy can tell you when they need to go outside, your risk of having to clean up doggy messes in the house is drastically reduced. Here are a few tips and tricks to make the potty training experience better for both you and puppy.

1.     Keep your Pooch on a Regular Eating Schedule

Eating at the same time of day helps to get your puppy on a regular bathroom schedule too. It’s good to have puppy have to go to the bathroom at the same time each day, as once they get into a potty time schedule they begin to anticipate when it’s time to go outside for potty.

2.     Take Your Pup Outside Regularly

Even if your puppy doesn’t have to go, or isn’t showing signs of having to go, get your puppy used to outside time. It helps them become familiar with the smells and experience of being near their designated potty spot.

3.     Begin Potty Training by 12 Weeks of Age for Quicker Results

Potty training at an early age is essential for puppies to get into and maintain good habits in house training. A puppy’s brain is still developing just like a human baby’s brain for months after birth. Puppy can begin litter training between 8 and 12 weeks old. How fast they are able to pick up on these habits depends on the individual puppy, their breed, and whether they were beginning to housetrain before they found their furever home with you.

4.     Positive Reinforcements

If puppy does a really great job, let them know! The best way is with a Stella and Chewy all-natural puppy treats. They contain organic ingredients and added probiotics to keep puppy’s digestive tract happy. Every time your furry friend completes their business outside in the designated potty spot, make sure to praise them straight away so they know they did good. This encourages them to repeat the good behavior.

5.     Keep Your Patience in Your Pocket

Puppies make mistakes just as children make mistakes! One of the most important things to remember is to never yell just because they’ve had an accident. While they’re learning, it is much more effective to be understanding of accidents and praise them for exhibiting good habits. Also, remember that every puppy is different. While one may only take days to learn to potty outside, another could just as easily take a few months.

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