Feeding dogs a diet of both meat and vegetables is a controversial topic. Veterinarians have varied opinions, as science is used to back up claims for either side of the debate. There is not enough research to provide a definitive answer yet.

One popular opinion is that while your puppy friend’s ancestors may not have opted for greens out of the ground as a primary food source, they were still getting plenty of the same nutritional benefits from the herbivores on their menu.

Veggies Can Help Boost Your Pup’s Health

One of the nutritional benefits that comes from adding vegetables to your pup’s diet is a range of various vitamins and minerals that they won’t get from eating typical grocery store meats and kibble. Even though dogs digest food differently than humans, they still require much of the same nutrients we do, such as carbohydrates, phytonutrients, and fiber.

Wild canines that mainly eat herbivores also tend to eat the insides of their prey, meaning they naturally get plenty of partially digested greens in their diet. Helping your dog receive the same nutrients through kibble and treat supplements with a balance of protein and vegetation is essential to a healthy diet.

Healthy Treats with Veggies Are a Good Supplement for Your Furry Friend’s Diet

Dog treats by Stella & Chewy are great for keeping your pup happy and healthy. They source their proteins carefully to ensure your pooch is receiving only the best grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught and farm-raised meats. Stella & Chewy treats are balanced with 90 to 95% hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat, organs, and bones. They also contain a supplemental 5 to 10% organic fruits and vegetables.

Adding that little bit of vegetation helps to stabilize the alkalinity of your pooch’s gut. Since the meat they ingest is more acidic, the vegetation brings down the acidity, as it is more basic. Stella & Chewy’s produce is also delicious, human-grade quality, so you know your puppy is getting well-cared-for ingredients in every bite.

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