Because puppies aren’t born with leash walking know-how, it’s up to you to train them. If you choose love, patience, and consistency, it’s not difficult at all! Join in National Walking the Dog Day with these valuable tips!

1. Make an Introduction

Introduce your dog to the leash and collar. Do this by letting them wear the collar and leash for short periods of time inside the house so they adjust to the feel. Make sure you play with your puppy and offer treats so they associate the collar and leash with positivity. 

2. Teach Your Dog a Cue

Dogs easily learn sounds so teach your dog a sound that represents “food on the way!” Some people use a click or some choose a specific word. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re consistent. 

To practice this, find a quiet area of your home with no distractions. Put the collar and leash on your dog. Make the sound. When your dog acknowledges you by looking or turning towards you, offer a treat reward. 

After a bit, you’ll notice your dog not only acknowledges you but starts to come towards you. 

3. Let Your Puppy Come to You

When your dog does start coming to you, back up a few paces. When he or she reaches you, reward them with a treat. Continue this until your dog begins to come to you and walks with you a few paces after hearing the cue sound. 

4. Practice Inside First

Now that your dog understands the cue and that they’ll walk with you, practice walking your dog inside the house. 

5. Head Outside

Once you see your dog has adjusted to the leash and is able to walk with you, head outside for some practice. Don’t take on too much at once. Stay in your yard, keep walks short, and be patient. Your dog will be experiencing new sights and sounds that will be exciting! 

If you sense your pooch is about to lunge or is getting distracted, make your cue sound and move a few steps away. Reward with a treat for following you.

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