Like any responsible dog owner, you know it’s crucial to train your new puppy. It’s important to know what you’re getting into and how to combat unpleasant behavior. Here are some tips on training your French Bulldog near Boca Raton.

Immunizations and Spaying / Neutering

Immunizations are non-negotiable, important for your dog’s safety. They should have received at least two vaccines by the time they join your home.

If you’re not intending to breed, spaying / neutering your Frenchie when they’re old enough is something else to consider for both medical and behavioral reasons as their hormones develop and temperament changes.

Puppy Proofing

For the safety of your new pup, and your furniture, puppy-proofing is a must! It’s important to do this before your new family member arrives. Don’t leave them unsupervised, and make sure your Frenchie pup is safe from electrical cords, chemicals, and other dangers.

Grooming Time

It’s no secret that French Bulldogs require extra maintenance, given those charming wrinkles. Get them used to grooming, including baths and nail trims. Keep those wrinkles clean to prevent bacterial infections by creating fun, daily rituals for your pup. Brushing to remove dander and spread the natural oils in their coat combined with an unscented baby wipe to the tail, ears, and wrinkles are a perfect routine.

Learning and Training

A Frenchie puppy loves learning, just as much as they love playing. Supply them with activities to keep them occupied and out of trouble. Walks, teaching them tricks, or even giving them a ball to chase will both enrich and train.

They love a ritualistic routine, so train yourself just as much as you train them. This will ensure a smart, happy puppy that grows to be intelligent and well behaved.

Time to Meet Your Match With a French Bulldog Near Boca Raton!

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