Considering bringing your own Shih-Poo into your life and home? Understandably so, given their oh-so lovable characteristics and cute to boot appearance. Here are just a few of the traits you’ll love about your Shih-Poo in West Palm Beach!

1. A Shih-Poo in West Palm Beach Is Affectionate to the Bone

These fluffy guys are quite the snugglers and known for being highly affectionate towards their family and friends. Just as much as you’ll love your Shih-Poo, they’ll love you right back with the same intensity. Consider this breed if you want a cuddle buddy and an animal that isn’t on the aggressive side.

2. Apartments or Small Spaces? No Problem!

Shih-Poos are great in terms of adaptability. Being that they’re a small breed, they’ll fit perfectly into small spaces or places that have stricter requirements such as apartments. If you’re apartment-bound and seeking a fluffy companion, Shih-Poos should be at the top of your list.

They don’t have a ton of exercise requirements and aren’t high intensity, nor are they the barking and howling all the time type, so they’ll adapt easily to apartment living.

3. They’re Quite the Smarty Pants

Given that this breed is adaptable, this lends itself to intelligence and responsive behavior when it comes to teaching them. Though they have a potential for mouthiness and stubbornness, consider it part of their charm as they’re otherwise intelligent and willing to listen to their owner.

As with any dog, train them while they’re young and as soon as you get them. Remember, as you’re learning about them, they’re learning about you, too.

4. Shih-Poos Are Playful and Friendly

While they don’t rank incredibly high in their energy or physical needs, know that these friendly guys have the potential to be playful! Make sure to enrich your new pup thoroughly by offering them a variety of toys and tricks to learn and have fun with.

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