Keeping your best friend looking their best means paying attention to their grooming needs. While some need more grooming care than others, all dogs need a little TLC to look good and stay healthy. Here are the top five tips for dog grooming near 33432.

1. Brush Their Coat

Long or short haired, brushing goes a long way to help keep the coat clean and healthy. For long haired dogs, daily brushing keeps the coat free from mattin. Brushing at home also makes the trips to the groomer go more smoothly, because the coat is soft and mat-free, making it easier for them to do their job.

2. Feed Quality Food and Not Too Much

The food you feed your dog impacts their coat. A healthy coat starts with a healthy diet. Feed a high-quality food, and keep your dog slim by not overfeeding. For breeds prone to skin issues, feeding the right diet is even more imperative for health. Talk to a professional for advice.

3. Keep the Nails Trimmed

Long nails are painful to walk on. Part of grooming includes paying attention to the nails. Keeping the nails regularly clipped keeps the quick from growing too long, too. Long quicks make nail trimming more difficult, and it’s easier to clip the quick by mistake. Get your dog used to nail clipping while they’re young, or hire a groomer to keep the nails short.

4. Brush Their Teeth

Healthy teeth and gums carry over to other body systems as well. Tooth brushing is easy to do at home. Use a special dog toothpaste and brush to keep their teeth clean. Usually, the paste is a flavor they like, so most often, they enjoy it. 

5. Hire a Professional for Dog Grooming Near 33432

Schedule regular grooming appointments to keep the coat clean and trimmed. This not only keeps the coat clean and healthy but makes it easier to brush at home. 

Searching for the Best Professional Dog Groomer in South Florida for Safe and Loving Grooming Care?

Our specialists at Love My Puppy have years of experience grooming many companion breeds. And, we love getting to know our clients and their pets. We know that good relationships make trips to the groomer more pleasant for your dog and for the groomer. If you need professional dog grooming near 33432 for your Yorkie, Frenchie, Pom, or any other breed, contact us today at 561-368-6767.