One of the classic companion dogs, Yorkies love spending time with their people! They are perfect for someone who is looking for an intelligent, loving, and lively pet. Their small stature makes them popular with both apartment and city dwellers. If you’re thinking of adding a Yorkie in West Palm Beach to your home, here are five things you should know about this wonderful breed first.

1. They Like Plenty of Attention

Your Yorkie pup will love nothing more than spending time with you. Yorkies thrive on human companionship and are best suited to a lifestyle where they get plenty of your time and attention. They are the ultimate lap dog.

2. Yorkies in West Palm Beach Are Energetic

Don’t let their small size and big hearts fool you. Yorkies are active little dogs. Because they are small, it is easy to give them the activity they need, even indoors. They will happily play with toys with you and love to go for short walks.

3. They Don’t Always Get Along With Small Children

Their small size makes them more likely to be injured. Some Yorkies even learn to be afraid of children because they’ve been stepped on or exposed to rough handling. 

4. Their Coat Needs Grooming

Without regular trimmings, their silky coat can grow quite long. Most owners keep the coat trimmed by taking them to a trusted groomer. Daily brushing also helps keep the coat healthy and free of mats. 

5. Yorkies Benefit From Training

Yorkies are a smart breed and benefit from your patient training. They make excellent watch dogs, but their barking may become excessive without proper training. Housetraining also takes patience and persistence, so give your puppy lots of praise during this process.

Are You Looking For a Yorkie in West Palm Beach?

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