If you’re considering bringing home a new puppy, you definitely want a healthy, happy puppy to be a companion for years to come. Quality puppies are in high demand, and it’s hard to know where to find just the right one. With decades of experience matching puppies with families, Love My Puppy has the best puppies for sale in Boca Raton. 

We Specialize in Companion Breeds

After years of experience, we offer a variety of breeds that we know bring joy to their families and make excellent companions. Just a few of the breeds we offer include toy poodles, Yorkiepoos, Shihpoos, Maltese, French bulldogs, Yorkies, Havanese, and many more! We know that each household is unique, and so is each puppy. That’s why we offer variety and use our expertise to help match the temperament of the pup to the right family.

Our Puppies for Sale in Boca Raton Are High Quality

We know our puppies’ histories. Each pooch here is pedigreed, so you know you’re getting a quality companion when you bring home your pup.

Health Is Top Priority and Guaranteed

Bringing home a healthy puppy is top priority. We offer only healthy puppies and we guarantee it! Love My Puppy offers health guarantees for each puppy in our care. 

Get To Know Our Puppies, and Find Your New Friend At Love My Puppy Today!

Interested in getting to know our puppies? We offer pictures, dates of birth, and details, so you can find out more about breeds and individual pups. Some pups available now include:

  • Cricket, a Cavapoo born on March 20, 2021. Cavapoos are part King Charles spaniel and toy poodle and make intelligent, affectionate companions.
  • Damon, a Maltipoo born March 17, 2021. Part Maltese and part poodle, Maltipoos

We’ve got a variety of breeds available, so if you’re looking for puppies for sale in Boca Raton, you’ll find them at Love My Puppy. When you bring a puppy home, you’ll have peace of mind not only with our health guarantee but we offer exceptional support. Our experts are there when you need us to answer your questions. For questions about our available puppies, contact us today at