Popular pets with entertaining personalities, French Bulldogs are wonderful family companions and are relatively low maintenance. Like all dogs though, keeping your Frenchie clean and well groomed is a big part of keeping it healthy. And you want to be sure to keep your new fur baby as happy and healthy as possible! Here are some grooming tips for French Bulldogs for sale in Boca Raton.

1. Brushing

A Frenchie’s smooth, short coat looks its best with brushing to remove any hair that is shedding. Brushing also helps stimulate new hair growth to keep your pet’s coat looking shiny and healthy. For best results, consider a grooming mitt to gently brush the coat, while at the same time stimulating circulation and providing hands on attention. 

2. Bathing for French Bulldogs for Sale in Boca Raton

With their short coat, French Bulldogs stay pretty clean overall. One of the most important things to pay attention to, especially in humid climates, are those adorable skin folds on the face and by the tail. Moisture can get trapped in the skin folds and cause irritation, so be sure to check them and keep them clean and dry. For bathing, choose a shampoo recommended by your vet to avoid triggering any skin issues. After the bath, make sure the skin folds are dried completely. 

3. Nail Trimming

Long, overgrown nails are painful. Keeping the nails trimmed is an important part of grooming your French Bulldog. From puppyhood, get your pet used to having its nails trimmed. Keep the excess nail clipped on a regular basis. If you’re nervous about trimming your pooch’s nails, you can take them to a professional dog groomer. A groomer can also bathe your pup, brush their teeth, and give haircuts to breed standards.

If you are ready to bring a Frenchie into your home, Love My Puppy has French Bulldogs for sale in Boca Raton. Our professionals take care to understand your needs for companionship and match you with just the right puppy. Please visit us or call (561) 368-6767. We love to help bring people and puppies together, and support you even after you bring them home!