Chihuahuas are a small, active breed. People love the big hearts of these small dogs. They’re adaptable to many living situations and make excellent companions. You’ll want to take good care of your tiny friend, so you’ll enjoy many healthy years together. Here are some tips on caring for your Chihuahua in Boca Raton.

Feeding Your Chihuahua in Boca Raton

Choose a high-quality food. If you’re not sure, ask a professional for recommendations. When feeding, remember your Chihuahua has a tiny tummy, so be sure not to overfeed. This active breed does best with several small meals each day, so the stomach doesn’t get overloaded. 

Monitoring Their Weight

Keeping your pet trim is key for good health. Weight gain quickly leads to health problems. If you notice a weight issue, you may be overfeeding your pooch. 

Caring for Their Coat

A short-haired breed, the Chihuahua probably won’t need daily brushing, but brushing when needed keeps the coat shiny, healthy, and free from dirt. Be sure to bathe them when needed, either by taking them to a groomer familiar with their breed or using a professionally recommended shampoo. 

Trimming Nails

Long nails are painful. It’s important to keep the nails trim, either by taking your pet to the groomer or keeping them trim at home. 

Brushing Teeth of Your Chihuahua in Boca Raton

Dental care is as important for the health of your dog as it is for you. Brushing your pet’s teeth not only keeps them clean but helps avoid dental problems and other health issues. If you need help, seek out the advice of a groomer or veterinarian for your fur baby.

Providing Exercise

Chihuahuas are active, and because they’re small, it’s easy to keep them fit. Running and playing in the house throughout the day is a great way to exercise your. Short walks are also an enjoyable way to spend time with your pet.

For more information about Chihuahuas in Boca Raton, or if your pet needs professional dog grooming, the caring staff at Love My Puppy are experienced with the Chihuahua breed. We often have Chihuahuas for sale in Boca Raton, and we love matching people with loving companions! For more information about our services please visit our puppy store, or call (561) 368-6767.