Arrow is an adorable, tiny Yorkshire Terrier, otherwise known as a Yorkie, for sale near West Palm Beach. Born on November 2, 2020, Arrow is still with his mommy but will be ready to go to his new home soon. Are you ready to welcome Arrow into your family?

Is Arrow, Yorkie for sale near West Palm Beach, the right puppy for you? Here are a few things to know about Yorkies.

Yorkie Description

The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy breed weighing in at just 5 to 7 pounds with a small stature. Their long, soft coats, considered hypoallergenic, are often kept trim. Yorkie’s coats come in color combinations like blue and tan, black and tan, black and gold, as well as blue and gold.

Personality and Temperament

Historically owned by Scottish and English weavers in the mid-nineteenth century to control rodents, Yorkshire terriers today are a popular companion breed. Energetic, brave, and loyal are good words to describe a Yorkie. Training as a pup helps keep their big personalities under your leadership. Yorkies do best when they get to spend much of their day in your company and don’t do well in households where they have to spend much of the day alone.


Their small size makes them wonderful apartment dwellers. this terrier breed does best living indoors and don’t handle extreme temperatures very well. An active and inquisitive pet, Yorkies enjoy plenty of playtime with you and are eager to go for short energetic walks. As a small breed, they typically do not do well in a house with small children.

Caring for a Yorkie For Sale Near West Palm Beach

Feeding a healthy diet and providing playtime keeps your pet trim and healthy. Many owners take their Yorkies for regular grooming to keep the coat clean and trim. Brushing keeps the coat looking its best between groomings. As with all dogs, nails need regular trimming. Long nails are painful to walk on!

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