Your toy poodle is adorable and smart, but they also seem to be a bit anxious. Some anxiety is a perfectly normal occurrence in a puppy, and separation anxiety, in particular, is common in poodles of all ages. Here are signs to help you recognize anxiety in your toy poodle near Boca Raton, along with ways you can help them feel better. 

Here Are 9 Signs of Anxiety in Your Toy Poodle Near Boca Raton

  1. Barking 
  2. Destructive behavior
  3. Digging
  4. Excessive toilet accidents
  5. Extreme / excessive licking of fur
  6. Lack of appetite
  7. Pacing or restlessness
  8. Panting randomly
  9. Shivering

How Can I Help My Anxious Poodle?

It is important to treat anxiety early before the behavior is instilled in them. Before helping your puppy, it is important that you try to understand the reasons behind your pup’s anxiety. This is because your actions may be different depending on the source of the anxiety.

For example, if separation is the root of your pup’s anxiety, you may want to change the environment in which your poodle is spending time alone by making it more comforting during your absence. Help your pup associate being alone with positive things. Give them activities to do while you are gone.

Try breaking down the components of something that gives your dog anxiety. Reward them when they make progress with new behaviors. For example, if your pup is afraid of new people, get the dog used to people in different environments, and then work to get your dog used to them in your own home.

Some products exist specifically for anxious dogs that replicate the sensation of cuddling. You can purchase a thunder vest that snuggly fits your dog. These items make your pooch feel more safe and secure.

Some dogs benefit from medication, though this solution is not for every dog. This solution is best for dogs that are so anxious that can not be taught new behaviors to help them cope with their anxiety.

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