If you have a new puppy, you know that they love to run around and play all day. To keep your pup entertained, it is important that you have some great toys on hand. Here are some amazing toys that are perfect for your Maltese puppy in Boca Raton.

iBone for Your Maltese Puppy in Boca Raton

If your pup is always asking you to get off your phone, why not give them their own? This soft, squeaky toy has all the apps that your pup needs to spend their day having fun. At 6.5” by 5”, this toy is great for any size dog.

Bark Street Journal

Every Maltese pup needs to keep up with current events. Help your pooch stay up to date with this delightful squeaky toy. This soft toy is perfect for a dog that wants a toy that it can snuggle with. This 9” by 2” is perfect for a pup that likes a long, kickable toy. 

Gucchewi Red Floral Purse

With no opposable thumbs, it is difficult for your pup to accessorize as much as they would like. This is why this purse-shaped toy is so great. Your tiny friend can prance around with this purse in their mouth and be at the height of puppy fashion. 

Seagrrrm’s Cooler

Another great, kickable toy, this 9” by 2.5” bottle-shaped toy is great for any pup who wants a refreshing play experience. This unique toy is colorful and clever. Its unique shape is great for dogs of all sizes. 

Sniffany Bone Toy for Your Maltese Puppy in Boca Raton

This beautiful, classically blue and white toy is fantastic for the jewelry-loving pup. If your dog prefers smaller toys, you are in luck. This toy comes in regular and petite sizes. The regular size is 6” by 3.5” and 4.5” by 2.5” for petite.

Chewnel Bone

This chic toy brings together the classic dog toy bone shape and the iconic look of chewnel. Your pup is sure to love playing with this soft and fun toy. 

Love My Puppy Has the Cutest Toys For Your Maltese Puppy in Boca Raton

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