You put thought into your dog’s diet, exercise, and vet, but have you given much thought to your dog’s groomer? Many people take for granted that a groomer is experienced and knowledgeable, but that’s not always the case. It’s wise to be informed before choosing your dog groomer near Delray Beach. 

PRO TIP: Treat a Call to Get Info From a Dog Groomer Near Delray Beach Like an Interview

Think of this as you would any other interview. You ask questions of a babysitter or a contractor for your home and this should be no different. Have in mind exactly the type of person you wish to groom your dog and be prepared with a list of questions, such as the following. 

1. May I Visit Your Facility?

If they say no, move on and fast. Otherwise, take a good look around. Does it smell? Is it well-ventilated? Is it clean? Will your dog be kept in a cage? Check to be sure tables are sturdy and that the products are dog-friendly. 

2. What Services Do You Provide?

With grooming, a bath and cut are usually a given, but what about other services you might need? If you’re interested in nail trimming, ear cleaning, or if your dog needs mats removed, be sure to ask about those services and extra fees for each services. 

3. May I Watch You Groom My Dog?

Again, if the answer is no, you might want to move on. If you would like to observe your dog’s behavior as well as that of the groomer, then you certainly have the right to do so. Keep this in mind, though. If you are nervous, your dog is going to sense that. So consider watching from a distance so you aren’t seen. 

4. Can You Tell Me About Your Training and Experience?

Training and experience to be a dog groomer can happen in several ways. They may receive training with a mentor, through an apprenticeship, or your groomer may have gone to school. Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about their training and experience. You can also ask for references. 

5. Do You Have Experience With This Breed?

Not all dogs are groomed the same, and your breed may have specific grooming needs. If so, find out if your groomer has the experience, and ask if you can see photos of their work. 

Here’s the Bottom Line

You need to feel comfortable with your dog groomer, and so does your pooch! If possible, bring your dog with you during your interview to see how he or she reacts around your groomer. Give them the opportunity to meet first. That will go a long way towards helping you find the right person to care for your dog. 

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