A small breed, Pomeranians weigh in at just 3 to 7 pounds. But don’t let their small size fool you though, they are a lively breed with lots of personality. As pets, they are good companions, affectionate, fun, and easy to train. Here’s what you should know about Pomeranians for sale in Boca Raton.

Grooming Needs of Pomeranians for Sale in Boca Raton

Their thick, fluffy coat keeps them warm in the winter. These dogs have descended from arctic breeds. Keeping the coat beautiful does take some grooming. Brushing, especially when they are shedding, is essential to the health of their coat and overall health as well. Setting up a grooming schedule will help keep your Pomeranian looking and feeling good. While some people prefer to groom their own pets, many others opt for professional dog grooming. Here at Love My Puppy, we offer full-service grooming for your Pom, including hair cuts to breed standards.


Pomeranians are loving members of their families. Intelligent and curious, it is important to give them plenty of playtime and maybe even teach them a few tricks. Your Pomeranian will also enjoy going for walks. They like to trot along with an alert expression, ready to explore. They make great companions for older owners, as they are fairly independent. 

Special Considerations for Pomeranians for Sale in Boca Raton

As a spitz breed with a thick coat, Pomeranians are made for cold weather. Many Poms live in warm environments though – like us, they’ll enjoy the airconditioning after some time outside. Take care when outside in warm weather to ensure your Pom doesn’t get overheated. For a small dog, Poms are excellent watch dogs. To help curb the barking, you may want to put time into training your puppy to stop barking on command. 

If you’re ready to bring a Pom into your home, Love My Puppy has Pomeranians for sale in Boca Raton. Contact our professionals today by stopping into our puppy store, or call us at (561) 368-6767. We love to help you find just the right Pomeranian puppy and support you even after you bring him home.