Adding a new puppy to the family is so exciting! AND it’s a big adjustment bringing home puppies in Boca Raton. Preparing for your pup’s first few days home makes the transition a little bit easier. 

Take time to adjust.

Consider bringing your new puppy home when you have a bit of time off, maybe right before the weekend. Perhaps you can take a bit of time to help the puppy (and you) adjust. Potty training is a time investment and success comes faster when you have the time. Spending the first days together is also a great way to bond with your new pup.

Purchase supplies for puppies in Boca Raton ahead of time.

Have what you need in place before you bring your puppy home, including food and water dishes, a collar, comfy pet bed, toys and treats, and of course food. That way you’ll have it all ready and won’t need to shop on homecoming day.

Plan a quiet first day.

New puppies definitely need socialization, but save that for the days to come. It may be tempting to introduce your new friend to your neighbors and loved ones outside the home. But for the first day, keep it low key and let your pup settle in.

Expect a wakeful night.

Puppies, like babies, sleep a lot and not always all night. Be prepared to soothe your nervous puppy and continue potty training at all hours. This is where that time off comes in handy – you’ll be able catch up on rest. 

Get support for new puppies in Boca Raton.

At Love My Puppy we care about finding great homes for our pups. We continue to support you in the days and weeks to come. If you’re looking for a puppy in Boca Raton, our experts welcome your questions.

When you’re ready to bring home that special new puppy, come see the experts at Love My Puppy in Boca Raton. We’ll help you find just the right puppy and continue to offer support after you bring him/her home. Matching happy puppies with families is what we do! Call us at 561-368-6767 to learn more about our available puppies in Boca Raton, or stop in to see these adorable faces.