Havanese is a beautiful, long haired breed of dog with a loving personality. They are a smaller breed weighing just seven to thirteen pounds. A wonderful companion, Havanese in Boca Raton also have a good amount of energy and can be a lot of fun, espeically for families with children. 

Grooming Needs of Havanese in Boca Raton

The long, silky hair needs regular grooming to keep them looking their best. Many choose to keep the coats trim, but in warmer climates such as South Florida, the long hair actually helps keep them cool. Regular brushing is also a must, especially if you choose to let the coat grow long. Love My Puppy can help keep your Havanese on a grooming schedule. We offer full-service grooming, including haircuts to breed standards.

Havanese Personality

Bred as a companion dog in Cuba, the Havanese loves to be around its family. If you’re looking for a constant companion, this is the breed for you. They are also smart and energetic pups. Putting time into training your beloved furry pal is well worth it. 

Other Considerations When Buying a Havanese in Boca Raton

Besides grooming, your Havanese will enjoy going for walks and plenty of playtime. They are suited to many types of living from apartments to homes in the country. However, they love to be with their owners, so are not well suited to being kept out in the yard alone or left alone for long periods of time. Taking care to keep your dog in shape by not overfeeding and providing some playtime is essential to their health. Also, this is a wonderful breed for a family, but care must be taken to teach children how to be gentle with their small friend.

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