Since they are so small, you may think that Chihuahuas do not need much exercise. While they may not need as much exercise as a larger dog, they still love playing and bonding with their humans. Here are some fun ways to play with your Chihuahua near West Palm Beach. 

Make Play Consistent for Your Chihuahua Near West Palm Beach

Set good play patterns early by getting your dog used to the idea of regular play. Try to play at the same time every day. This structure will help your dog feel more comfortable, and they will be less likely to channel extra energy into negative behaviors.

Know Your Pup’s Energy Level

An important part of creating positive playtime for your Chihuahua is understanding when they do and do not want to play. After knowing your pup for a while, you should be able to understand how long it takes for your dog to get tired. While playing is great, it is also important to also take some time with your Chihuahuas to relax.

Find Open Space

Even though your Chihuahua may be small, they still enjoy a wide-open space to run in. Make sure your backyard is a safe place for your dog to run or find a safe, open space near you. These are great places to play fetch. If you can not find an outdoor space, you may consider creating an indoor play area for your Chihuahua.

Choose Appropriately Sized Toys

Since Chihuahuas are so small, not all toys may work for them. Hard toys should be small while small toys can be small or large.

Get Another Dog

The best way to ensure that your pup is getting enough stimulation is to get them a friend. Dogs can occupy each other on their own terms rather than having to communicate what they want to you.

Meet Your New Chihuahua Near West Palm Beach

Find a beautiful little Chihuahua near West Palm Beach to play with at Love My Puppy. Our puppies are sweet and playful and they look forward to finding their forever homes. Please give us a call at 561-368-6767 to make an appointment as soon as possible.