This is a great time of year to get a new puppy, thanks to National Train Your Dog Month. Training your pooch provides them with stimulation and the ability to be functioning dogs in society. You may think that training is complicated, but if you follow the right steps, you can easily teach your dog new tricks. Here is what you need to know to train your pup.

Start With the Basics During National Train Your Dog Month

Before you teach your dog to fetch your slippers, your pup has to learn the basics. By having tricks like “sit” and “stay” to build off of, it becomes easier for you to teach your dog more complex tricks.

Be Patient

Puppies are adorable, but they are not known for their attention spans. For this reason, you should set your expectations and try to work with your fur baby in short bursts rather than for a long block of time. Also, keep in mind that your pup may be too small for certain tricks.

Be Consistent

The key to getting tricks to stick is consistency. Your pup will behave in ways that you reinforce, so make sure that you are only reinforcing the behaviors that you want your puppy to repeat. You also need to be fast with your response when your pup performs a trick quickly.

Make it Fun

While there is a functional aspect to training your dog, time spent for training can also be a good bonding time for you and your pooch. Try to make the training process as positive as possible for your dog. Set them up for success and make sure to praise them when they behave well. Use treats that your puppy likes.

Understand the Specific Needs of Your Dog

Certain dogs may respond better to certain types of stimuli than others. Get to know what motivates them and also what particular tricks they may be more given to perform.

Find a Puppy to Train During Train Your Dog Month

If you are looking for a new member of your family, you should come to Love My Puppy during National Train Your Dog Month. We have some of the smartest, most adorable little puppies like Frenchies, toy poodles, and more that are just waiting to become your new best friend. Give us a call at 561-368-6767 to make an appointment today.