Chihuahuas are among the smallest of canines, but what they lack in size, they compensate with their highly explosive personalities. These little furballs can fit into the palm of your hands when they’re young and always seem to be on hyper0alert. For the most part, Chihuahuas in Florida live long lives and are constantly full of energy.
Chihuahuas are probably not the best companions for you if you have children at home since they get wary around lots of people. Their defining features? They are fearless and don’t get frightened easily. Here are 5 essential healthcare tips for Chihuahuas in Florida.

1. Feed Them a Well-Balanced Diet

Chihuahuas thrive on a high-quality diet which will reflect as a shinier hair coat, bright eyes, and healthy skin. A good diet can strengthen your Chihuahua’s immune system, maintain its gut, keep its muscles and joints healthy, and offer several benefits. Chihuahuas need special food to accommodate their needs. They burn energy very quickly and are prone to eating like tiny pigs and gain weight, so make sure to feed them lots of protein.

2. Minerals and Vitamins to Feed

Important minerals and vitamins to look for in your Chihuahua’s food include Omega 3, Omega 6, Glucosamine, chondroitin, antioxidants, and probiotics. Together these vitamins and minerals will provide joint support, improve cognitive function, strengthen the immune system, and help with digestion.

3. Take Her Regularly to the Vet

Chihuahuas in Florida are prone to heart and dental problems. It is important to scrape the tartar and plaque off their tiny teeth since they are extra-susceptible to dental problems. You need to pay special attention to your Chihuahua’s health and regularly take them to a veterinarian. Going to a vet is the best way to avoid health problems down the line.

4. Don’t Encourage Free Roam

These cup-sized canines are hyperactive and want to roam the world with complete freedom. But by doing so, they are putting themselves in harm’s way since they don’t know any better. Chihuahuas in Florida are vulnerable to many dangers including predation, automobile accidents, exposure disease, and exposure to the poison. If you do want to let her roam around the open air for a while, make sure she’s always under your watchful eye.
Just don’t let her wander off into the neighbor’s lawn because if your Chihuahua relives herself there, you could get into big trouble!

5. Keep Your Chihuahua’s Mouth Clean

It isn’t uncommon for Chihuahuas to experience ailing dental health that could cause them pain and make it harder to swallow food. If their oral health problems are left untreated, it could lead to kidney and heart disease. In addition to taking her to the vet, the most effective way to care for your Chihuahua’s mouth at home is to brush her teeth at home. If they don’t like toothbrushes, ask your vet for some advice.
A word of caution: avoid anything with soy, corn, or wheat in the formula because they have no nutritional value for your pet.