Shih-Tzus are a wonderful breed of dog. These companion dogs are affectionate little lovers who adore their owners. They are clever and spunky but also are satisfied with lying in your lap and relaxing. Their hair is beautiful and hypoallergenic. Their hair also requires consistent maintenance in order for your Shih-Tzu in West Palm Beach to look and feel their best. 

How Often Does a Shih-Tzu Need to See a Dog Groomer?

Shih-Tzus have hair that grows very quickly. Their bangs also grow over their eyes, obscuring their vision. There are many different cuts you can get for your Shih-Tzu which can range from very fancy to a simple sheer. No matter what type of hair cut you choose for your Shih-Tzu, they need to be groomed every 4-6 weeks to keep them properly maintained. 

How Often Does Your Shih-Tzu Need to Be Brushed?

While a full grooming session is necessary every 4-6 weeks, maintenance needs to be done between sessions. Shih-Tzus hair can become entangled and messy if it is not maintained between sessions. It is imperative that you brush them out 2-3 times a week. It is best to lightly mist their hair with water before brushing their hair. 

How often does a Shih-Tzu need to be bathed?

How often you bathe your Shih-Tzu depends on their activity level and how often they go outside, but it should be done every 1-2 weeks to keep their coat clean and manageable. Be sure to brush them out after you are done washing them. Of course, it is often easier to hire a professional dog groomer to bathe your Shih-Tzu, as they are skilled in handling your dogs special hair needs.

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