You’ve made the important decision to bring a new puppy into the family. The next decision is selecting the right puppy and puppy store in Boca Raton. Here are some tips to help you choose.

What to Look for in a Puppy Store in Boca Raton

Knowledgeable Staff
With so many breeds to choose from, it is important to find expert guidance. Our professionals at Love My Puppy in Boca Raton are experienced in matching puppies with loving homes. Using knowledge of the breeds and personal relationships with the pups, we listen to your needs and help you find just the right addition for your family.

Good Reputation
It is essential that the store you choose is reputable. Look for positive reviews, listen to owners, and talk to the experts. Read the many happy reviews on Google and Facebook for the puppy store in Boca Raton, Love My Puppy. See what people are saying about our experience and support through the puppy selection process.

Quality Puppies – Guaranteed!
Of course you want a happy puppy that will bond with you and be a part of your family for many years to come. So, it’s important to ensure the puppy you are getting is of good quality. The right puppy store will only sell healthy puppies. At Love My Puppy in Boca Raton, we stand by our puppies and guarantee their health, so you can make your selection with peace of mind.  Our puppies are completely pedigreed, so you can be assured of the history and breed.

Our health guarantee – Take your puppy to the vet, and if you’re not happy with their health status, we’ll find another puppy for you or refund your money.

Follow-Up Advice
During those first days of puppy ownership, you are likely to have many questions. Find a pet store that not only sells you a puppy but is available for support in the days to come. Love My Puppy welcomes questions from new owners and follows up with you after your puppy’s first night home. Our experts are available when you need us!

Shop Love My Puppy for Healthy, Happy Puppies and a Great Experience!

When you’re ready to bring home that special new puppy, come see the pet lovers here at Love My Puppy in Boca Raton. We’ll help you find just the right puppy and continue to offer support after you bring him or her home. Matching happy puppies with families is what we do! Please call us at 561-368-6767 or stop in to our puppy store in Boca Raton to see our available pups today.