There is never a more exciting time than making the decision to bring home a new furry family member such as a Chihuahua in West Palm Beach. But that excitement may cause you to overlook some important care steps. Here are five care tips to help you get started with your new Chi pup.

1. Start with the right supplies for your Chihuahua in West Palm Beach.

Here is what you need to get started before bringing home your Chi pup.

Also, if you plan to potty train indoors, be sure to pick up supplies for that, as well as cleaning supplies for accidents.

2. Be patient!

This is especially true if you’re bringing home a puppy. The first few weeks will be an adjustment period, so try to get them on a routine and keep everything as quiet and normal as possible for them during this time. Chihuahuas can pick up on your stress, so always try to remain calm around them.

3. Start training as soon as possible.

Sleep training, potty training, socialization, everything! You don’t want bad habits created right away, so begin teaching them behaviors you expect from them. But again, be patient. They are learning, and it may take awhile for them to start forming good habits. Keep treats around for positive reinforcement when they’re on their best behavior. It’s best if you learn about how to train a Chihuahua before you even bring them home. This can help reduce the stress of training if you’re both learning together. Also, be consistent with what you expect from your Chi pup.

4. Find a good veterinarian for your Chihuahua in West Palm Beach.

Schedule an appointment with your vet as soon as you’re ready to bring your new pup home. This helps ensure your fur baby stays as healthy as possible! Your Chi should have their first visit to the vet by 10 weeks of age. At this visit, the vet will check their skin, coat, heart, lungs, eyes, ears, and belly to make sure they’re healthy.

5. Don’t forget to get your dog license!

Once your pup is six months old, they need to be licensed in Palm Beach County. To obtain your license, you will need to be sure your Chihuahua puppy has the proper vaccines, including a rabies vaccination.