Pomeranians are entertaining and lovable companions. Weighing in at just three to seven pounds, don’t let their small size fool you – they are big dogs in small packages. Here are five great reasons to own a Pomeranian in Boca Raton.

1. Pomeranians have great personalities.

Poms are small but mighty! Their lively personalities make them lots of fun. Intelligent and curious, they are quite easy to train and will love learning new tricks to keep you entertained.

2. A Pomeranian in Boca Raton will make an excellent companion.

Your Pomeranian enjoys going for walks and keeping you company. Not as needy as some small dogs, their relative independence makes them excellent companions for the elderly. 

3. Poms are adorable.

People love their endearing, teddy bear appearance. Poms have a thick, fluffy coat and alert expression. That soft coat and sweet face will melt any heart! These dogs are descended from arctic breeds. Keeping the coat beautiful does take some grooming. Brushing, especially when they are shedding, is essential to the health of their coat and overall health as well. Setting up a grooming schedule will help keep your Pomeranian looking and feeling good.

4. It’s easy to train a Pomeranian in Boca Raton.

Most Pomeranians are quite smart and quick to learn. They thrive with training and their peppy personality makes them happy to entertain you and show off their tricks. Never try to train your Pom when they’re tired or hungry though, as that will only frustrate you and your pooch!

5. Poms are suited to various living spaces and situations.

As long as they get short walks and playtime, Pomeranians thrive in apartment and condo dwelling situations. They also do well living in suburban and country houses. However, as a spitz breed with a thick coat, they are not meant to live outdoors in the heat. Take care when outside in warm weather to ensure your Pom doesn’t get overheated.

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