Few can resist the charm and charisma of French bulldogs in Florida. Those little bundles of joys instantly win you over with their affectionate and tender nature. If you happen to own a French bulldog, then you owe it to yourself to get a few essential items that your Frenchie will need this season.
We have rounded up our list of the most essential items for your French bulldog.

1. A Cooling Vest for Summer

French bulldogs are more prone to overheating especially under the sweltering heat of the summer months. A cooling vest for dogs should protect your dog’s chest region and heart from heat-related stress. It also defends her skin from burns due to UV radiation. Make sure the cooling vest is made of highly absorbent material to keep her temperature in optimal ranges for extended periods.

2. Dog Water Bottle

Experts argue that for every 1 lb of your dog’s body weight, she should be drinking 30 and 60 ml of water per day. This means for French bulldogs in Florida weighing in at 50 lbs, they should be drinking between about 740 ml of water every day. This equates to 60 ml of water every waking hour. A dog water bottle lets you keep your dog stay hydrated while on the go. Just make sure to opt for a BPA-free water bottle.

3. Personalized Dog collar

A personalized dog collar is more than just a decorative item: it plays a huge role in safety. For instance, should the dog get loose, a customized collar with your phone number and name on it will ensure that your pet returns home safely. Bonus points if the collar is made of a durable material that comes in different designs and colors.

4. Harness for Extra Security

A harness helps provide more comfort and security for many French bulldogs in Florida. It is especially useful for dogs that tend to pull on their leash. Make sure to buy a strong and well-made harness that is difficult to escape from. Do your research with the harness because it can help you on longer trekking distances.

5. Flea Treatment for French Bulldogs in Florida

The flea treatment product should provide rapid relief to your dog. Most dogs are susceptible to excessive hot spots, skin infections, and skin infections due to persistent fleas. Don’t let your French bulldogs in Florida suffer from an uncomfortable flea infestation that can be prevented. Gear up with proper topical flea solutions to treat existing infestations and prevent future outbreaks.
6. Paw Wipes
Dog grooming doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. A paw wipe for French bulldogs in Florida can be of help. There are many different wipes in the market, each offering different qualities that are specific to your needs. Some paw wipes keep your French bulldog free of disease by having different medicines; others keep your dog clean and dry. Our recommendation is to go with hypoallergenic wipes because they will wipe out any allergies on your dogs.