Maltese dogs are small bundles of joy. They are loyal companions and relatively easy to train. Here’s a quick guide on how to train a Maltese puppy in Florida. This guide will work for house training your dog or teaching them to do tricks.

Make a Consistent Schedule

It’s easier for a Maltese to remember something if they have to do it at the same time, every day of the week. Therefore, it is important to make a daily schedule that designates specific times of the day for certain activities.
For house training your dog, feed them at approximately the same time of the day. Maltese dogs usually need to do their business about 30 minutes after they finish eating. Therefore, it’s important to follow a feeding schedule so that they have a consistent pooping schedule. It’s warm throughout the year in Florida, so you can take your dog outdoors everyday to do their business. A consistent schedule makes it easier for your small dog to remember when and where they have to poop.

Train Your Dog with Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is necessary for house training your dog and for training them to do tricks. Positive reinforcement helps your small dog recognize that they’ll be rewarded for doing an action. You can either give your dog a treat every time they do their business or sit when you tell them to. This technique works well for training your dog to do various things. In addition to giving treats, you can play with them, show them love, or take them for a walk under the Florida sun.
Don’t ever yell at your dog or show any kind of aggression when they have an accident or don’t listen to you. Yelling at your dog will make it fear you; this will make your dog unhappy, and it’ll make it harder to train your dog. That said, you should be firm when you give your dog commands. That way, you’ll establish your role as a pack leader, which, in turn, will make your small dog listen to you.

Utter Command Words

Utter a specific word or phrase to command your Maltese. For example, you should say “sit” when you want your dog to sit. If you want your dog to poop at a designated space, take them there and say “go potty”. Use command words frequently so that your dog associates a particular action with that word or phrase. Make sure that you utter the word as a command so that your dog knows that it is an instruction. It’s also important that you don’t repeat any command words or phrases when you don’t want them to do that action. This will help your dog remember that those words mean that they must do the associated action.
Maltese dogs are intelligent creatures so they can learn tricks pretty easily. That said, you still have to put in the work to train your dog the right way.