Looking for a new companion? Miniature poodle crosses are increasing in popularity, because they combine the intelligence and non-shedding nature of the poodle as well as the best of another small breed. Here are 5 adorable breeds mixed with a miniature poodle in Boca Raton.

1. Maltipoo: Maltese and Miniture Poodle in Boca Raton

The Maltipoo is so loving and fun! Maltipoos are well suited for a variety of living situations. And, unlike some small breeds, they are great for families with children. They don’t shed, and they enjoy both snuggling on the couch and going for walks with you.

2. Yorkipoo

Low shedding and big on love and energy, the Yorkipoo is part yorkshire terrier and poodle. They love attention, so they make great lap dogs, and they’re also smart and trainable. Yorkipoos are small and low maintenance pets suited to condo and apartment living.

3. Shih-Poo

Sometimes their coats are straight and long like the Shih Tzu or sometimes curly like the poodle, but they are always hypoallergenic. Shihpoos come in a variety of color combinations and have friendly, affectionate personalities.

4. Havapoo

A comical name for sure to go with a fun loving friend, the Havanese was bred as a lap dog and combined with the poodle to make a great pet. They’re great with children and adults. Havapoos are also easy to train, making them excellent companions.Their hypoallergenic coats come in a variety of colors.

5. Pomapoo

Small, yet friendly and affectionate, the pomapoo is part Pomeranian and part poodle. Their often low-key personalities make them easy indoor companions. They love being with their families, so they’re best suited to having their people around as much as possible. 

Looking for a New Companion Post-Pandemic? Choose a Small Breed Mixed With a Miniature Poodle in Boca Raton!

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