A lot of care goes into poodles in West Palm Beach because they are incredibly active, intelligent, and if treated well, good natured. Their mild nature makes them ideal pets for children and great companions for other pets including cats and dogs, provided you introduce them into their lives slowly and carefully. It is worth noting that a poodle in West Palm Beach requires a fair bit of grooming and lots of exercise to stay healthy. Below are the basics that you should know.
Provide them with a Well balanced Diet
The kind of food will have major consequences on your poodle’s health, both in the short and long term. The main problem with pet foods is that far too many commercial brands provide subpar quality, usually containing toxic chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavorings all of which could contribute to various health issues.
In worse case scenarios, these ‘subpar’ food products could lead to neurological issues and certain types of cancer. Some dog foods also contain cheap ingredients that artificially make the food plumper than it actually is. Your poodle does not absorb these food products into their body and ejects them as stool.
You should also stay away from any by-products of meat from animals which are deemed unfit for human consumption. Such meat is usually source from dying, discarded, dead, and disabled animals that are as deadly to poodles as they are to humans.

What foods to avoid:

• Artificial flavoring like MSG
• Artificial coloring including Red #40, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, and Blue #2.
• Chemical preservatives
• Generic meats and oils
• Fillers
• High grain count
Instead, provide your poodle with food natural food that contains no artificial additives. These include wholesome ingredients such that include various meats and proteins such as turkey duck, chicken, beef, lamb, and more.

Evaluate the Quality of Water that Your Poodle Drinks

Dehydration is a major concern for poodles because this usually leads to an electrolyte imbalance causing loss of focus, agitation, and headaches. You have to evaluate how much water your poodle is consuming and the quality of the water. The quantity of water depends on the poodle’s health status, activity level, and the water.
For the most part, a poodle needs at least 1 cup of water for 10 pounds of body weight. This amount will usually double during the summer when loss of fluids through panting reaches an all time high. For example, 5 lb poodle needs at least half a cup of water. In contrast, a 60 lb poodle needs at least 6 cups of water daily, or 12 in the summer.

Walk Your Poodle Every Day

Poodles in West Palm Beach aren’t just a set of pompoms on legs, they’re social animals and are always finding ways to vent all their energy.
They need to be taken out for long walks every day. If possible, you should take out the time to walk with them daily and train them. This will keep your poodle’s heart healthy and maintains healthy muscle tone while reducing the risk of developing certain diseases such as diabetes and cancer.
>h3?Scrub their Teeth Regularly

Your dog will develop dental issues if you don’t take care of their teeth. One of the most effective ways to keep their oral hygiene in check is by regularly scrubbing your poodle’s teeth. It may sound uncomfortable and invasive but if you do this every other day, your poodle will eventually acquire tolerance and become more patient with you.
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