While Shih-Tzus aren’t known for being the easiest dog to train, they are completely trainable. Training your Shih-Tzu in Boca Raton to be on their best behavior is best done through consistency. If you have recently added a Shih-Tzu puppy to your family, you can help encourage good behavior through these simple tips.

1. Shih-Tzus are sensitive, so keep your calm.

This breed is highly affected by your behavior, so be sure to avoid yelling or acting upset with them. When Shih-Tzus are scared by your behavior, they may act out even more.

2. Don’t punish, but use a reward system to encourage good behavior in your Shih-Tzu in Boca Raton.

They do not respond well to punishment, and it may cause them to misbehave even more. They do not mean to, but when frightened by punishment, they get very upset. A reward system is the best way to encourage good behavior. You can use treats, petting, and / or play to help motivate them.

3. Give lots of praise when they’re behaving well.

Another form of reward is verbal praise. They love it when you tell them they’re doing a good job. Exaggerate / over-emphasize how good of a job they did, and talk to them just like you would your baby. One study published in “Animal Cognition” found that dogs respond positively to “baby talk.”

4. Approach stubborn behavior with patience.

Shih-Tzus are considered stubborn by nature. Most of the time, this can be overcome by changing your mindset and being patient. Your Shih-Tzu may simply not understand what is expected of them, which will require more training. They also may not feel motivated to do what you want them to do, so you may need to improve your reward system.

5. Consistency is key with a Shih-Tzu in Boca Raton.

Whatever training method or reward system you choose to use, be consistent with it. This allows your pup to know what to expect and to reinforce what you’re trying to teach them.

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