When you’re going out of town and cannot take your beloved maltese with you, consider hiring a pet sitter. Some breeds, like the Maltese, need human companionship to thrive. With the right pet sitter, your pet gets to enjoy staying home in their familiar surroundings, and you have peace of mind knowing the house and your fur baby are in good hands. But, how do you find just the right pet sitter? Here are some tips to hire a pet sitter for your Maltese in West Palm Beach!

Ask for Recommendations

Get recommendations from friends or family with pets. Other great resources are your veterinarian, dog groomer, dog trainer, or contact a pet sitter association. You’ll have greater confidence hiring someone to care for your Maltese or Maltese mix when they’re recommended by a trusted source. 

Set Up a Meeting With a Pet Sitter for Your Maltese in West Palm Beach

Once you’ve talked to the prospective pet sitter over the phone, set up a meeting and be sure to include your pet. Meeting face-to-face gives you the chance to get to know the person and observe how well they connect with your Maltese. Personalities are individual, and a big part of hiring the right person means finding someone with whom you and your pet are comfortable. 

Ask the Right Questions

Have a list of questions ready. If your Malti-mix has any special requirements, be sure to ask if the potential sitter has experience with the specific concern. For example, if your Maltese requires medication, have they handled that before? For liability, does the pet sitter carry insurance? Are they bonded? 

Get References and Call Them

A seasoned pet sitter should have plenty of people who can vouch for them. Ask for references, and follow up with phone calls. 

Establish the Details

Get an up-front understanding of what services you’ll be getting and how much they charge. Does the pet sitter stay in your home? If not, how often do they come to the home to care for your pet and how long do they stay? Ask about what care they provide for the home, if any. Establishing details and costs prevent misunderstandings. 

Interested in a Maltese in West Palm Beach?

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