When it comes to grooming your best furry pal, doing it yourself is so much easier said than done. Trying to get your dog to take a bath is no easy feat if your pooch doesn’t like water. Trying to keep your dog calm while you complete grooming tasks such as trimming nails without cutting too short can be quite exhausting. It’s no wonder that people turn to the professionals. If you opt for a professional dog grooming experience for your puppy or adult pooch, we highly recommend visiting Love My Puppy!

Here’s why you should choose us for dog grooming:

Cage Free Dog Grooming Takes the Stress Off Your Pup

Love My Puppy does not be subject your beloved pet to being put into a cage while in a strange place. They can play with other dogs while they wait, or sit with you. Our goal is to give them the most relaxing experience possible, and this means letting them enjoy their stay with us.

This also means that drying is cage free. While many groomers use dryer cages, we choose to hand dry each one of our canine clients. We feel that it is less stressful for your dog, and it also eliminates the possibilities of incidents that can happen when using a cage dryer. The other benefit is that your dog gets individual attention and a perfect blow dry every time.

Window Viewing Puts Your Mind at Ease

Love My Puppy offers windows, you can view your pup through while we groom them. This helps keep both you and your dog comfortable. It also will allow you to ensure we are grooming your dog exactly how you want.

Our Dog Grooming Professionals Have Years of Experience

Our professional team is experienced at handling your dog’s needs. When we bathe your fur baby, we will blow dry them, brush and comb them out, as well as clean their ears and pluck them if needed. If they are matted, we will take care of that for you too!

Our groomers only use the best for your pup, including all natural toothpaste for their teeth. If you need a mini-groom between full groomings, our professionals can do that too! A mini-groom includes bathing, as well as tidying up your dog’s feet, face, ears, and tail.

At Love My Puppy, we offer dematting, nail clipping, teeth brushing, as well as bathing and other grooming services. We groom your dogs to breed standards, or in whatever way you prefer. Our environment is designed to make the experience as stress-free as possible for your pooch. Call us at (561) 368-6767 for dog grooming near Boca Raton, and have your dog pampered today!