When you leave the house every day, your furry best friend likely sits at the door awaiting your return. Perhaps you leave the television or radio on to keep them company. But is that enough? Wouldn’t their life be better if they could spend their days getting loving attention from someone?

Here is why you should hire a pet sitter for your puppy, even when you can’t be there.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

A pet sitter allows your puppy to stay in their own familiar environment. They can play with their own toys, walk in their own backyard or neighborhood, and stay around any other pets you may have already. This helps your puppy feel less stressed.

No Crate Necessary

Oftentimes, people crate their puppies in order to avoid them having accidents around the house. Crating can cause unnecessary anxiety in a puppy, and also does not allow them to get exercise during the day. A pet sitter eliminates the need to crate your puppy, as they can take your pup outside to potty when needed.

Routine Stays Intact

A new puppy needs a constant routine. Older dogs benefit from routine as well. A pet sitter will assist you in keeping your routine intact. They will feed, walk, and play with your dog at specified times through the day, keeping your dog in their routine.

More Exercise

A pet sitter will help your puppy get more exercise by taking them for walks around the yard or your neighborhood. More activity for your puppy will help them grow up healthy and strong.

Extra Love for Your Puppy

Having a pet sitter come to your home will give your puppy extra love. The pet sitter will pet them, play with them, and give them lots of love and attention while you are away.

Considering a Puppy for Sale? Hire Your Pet Sitter Before You Buy!

Love My Puppy would love to help you add a new family member today. We can even take the guesswork out of hiring a pet sitter by recommending our favorite trusted dog sitters nearby. To learn more about our puppies for sale in Boca Raton, stop by or call us today at (561) 368-6767.