There is no doubt that dogs are smart. They pick up on body language and signals we are often not even aware we are putting out. While your pup may be great at reading you, how are you at reading them? Are you in tune with your dog’s need for attention or play time? Want to learn how to better tell what your dog is trying to communicate to you? Here are some basic things to look for to better understand your pooch.

The Right Stance

While you may think your dog is just standing in place, there is a lot you can tell from how they are standing. How a dog distributes their weight while standing is indicative of whether they are calm, confident, or ready to run.

If they are standing balanced equally on all four feet, they are confident and calm. Dogs that have their weight tipped to their hind legs are happy and ready to spring forward to play. Finally, if they are tense and seem ready to run, they are scared and getting in position to flee if needed.

The Eyes Are Windows

It has often been said that eyes are windows to one’s soul. This is true for our furry friends, too. You can read their mood from their eyes if you pay attention. For instance, when your dog’s eyes are almond shaped, they are calm. Eyes that are rounded indicate that the dog is surprised. If the whites of your dog’s eyes are showing, this may indicate that they are very upset.

Tail as Old as Time

We all know that dogs wag their tails when they are happy. But is that all it means? If your dog is wagging their tail low and fast, it is similar to a human laughing nervously. If their tail is wagging high, they are trying to persuade you to do something, such as play. When a tail is wagging hard and fast, your dog is very happy. A tightly tucked fear is indicative of your pup feeling fearful. When judging tail height, pay attention to the base of the tail. Since tails are different lengths, this is the only way to know you are consistently reading the tail signs.

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