The heat of Southeast Florida summers is seemingly unbearable at times. While many of us look forward to keeping cool by spending time poolside with the perfect cocktail in hand and getting a new summer ‘do, some folks flock to the north in search of much needed relief.

Just as you want to cool down, your favorite furry friend does as well. There are many things you can do as a pet owner to help your four-legged loved one keep the heat at bay.

Should I Shave My Dog?

Many assume that giving pets a fresh summer shave would bring them great relief from the heat. However, this assumption could actually cause your pets more harm than good. Because an animal’s fur acts as insulation for his or her body, it helps to keep him or her warm during cool temperatures and cool during warm temperatures. Shaving that much-needed fur during the summer months will not only take away your pet’s vital cooling mechanism, but it will also put your pet at risk of sunburn.

Will Brushing My Pup Help Cool Them Down?

Brushing your dog daily, including before and after bathing, will help them stay cool during the excessive heat. Animals have several layers of fur. As new layers emerge, the old layers begin to shed. If we don’t take the time to brush our pets regularly, that old fur can build up and cause them to overheat.

Isn’t it an incredible feeling to have the summer breeze blow through your freshly combed locks? It’s just as enjoyable to your pets and helps them quickly cool down.

Should I Trim My Pup?

Though shaving your pet is frowned upon, getting a nice summer trim for your pet is encouraged. A trim is the perfect way to help your fur ball stay clean, keep pesky clinging bugs away, allow them to see clearly out of their eyes, and look downright sharp. Not to mention, it keeps them cool without the sunburn of a complete shave, and it allows them to naturally regulate their body temperature better.

Should I Try DIY Grooming or Take My Dog to a Professional Groomer?

We’ve all heard stories of well-intentioned moms wanting to save some money and attempting to give a proper haircut without professional training. Many animal lovers attempt to do the same thing upon frustration of unruly dog hair.

This can be dangerous however, as many mistakes can be made during the grooming process. If fur is accidentally cut too short, it can expose their skin and put them at risk of infection or burns from the sun.

Professional Dog Grooming in Boca Raton

At Love My Puppy, our full-service dog grooming includes a haircut to breed standards in addition to pampering with a bath complete with blow dry, ear cleaning, and many other luxury services. Getting your loved one spiffed up, cleaned up, and cooled down by a professional dog groomer in Boca Raton saves you time and money in the long run so you can spoil your beloved pooch more.