It’s no surprise why it’s hard to resist the urge to cuddle a French Bulldog when you see one. Lovingly referred to as Frenchies, this dog breed is very sweet, and they dish out just as much love as they receive. They are exceptionally friendly, as well as playful and energetic.

Frenchie temperaments are very  easy going, so they make great family pets if you have children. Since they don’t have a tendency to bark at every little sound like some breeds, they make a good addition your home even if you have infants that sleep a lot.

What to Do When Buying a French Bulldog

  • Get pet insurance to help offset the cost of owning a dog. Frenchies, as any other type of dog breed, needs regular visits to the vet to maintain good health. Some insurance companies cover expenses for dog grooming as well.
  • Keep your Frenchie away from open water, especially if they are unsupervised. Because of their stocky build, they may have a hard time rescuing themselves from even shallow water.
  • Maintain a smoke-free home, as Frenchies are sensitive to respiratory irritants such as cigarette smoke and other air pollutants.
  • Keep your Frenchie on a well-balanced diet, as they are prone to digestive issues such as excessive flatulence. Feed your new companion dog food specially formulated for medium-sized dogs that has whole food ingredients.


What Not to Do When Buying a French Bulldog

  • Don’t worry about having enough space. Although these dogs tend to be very playful and love to exercise, they do not need a lot of space or a huge back yard. They can be perfectly content in an apartment or a home with a small yard, as long as you give them plenty of attention.
  • Don’t expect your dog to sleep in your room if you’re a light sleeper. Frenchies snore, and sometimes they may do so very loudly which may keep you up at night.
  • Don’t assume house training will be easy just because they are an intelligent breed. As with potty training any pet, it will take consistency and patience to ensure that your Frenchie is properly trained to take his business outside.

You can expect owning a Frenchie to be a rewarding experience, full of many happy moments. Many French Bulldog owners find caring for their new pet quite simple and well worth the effort for all the kisses and other affection they get back from their pooch.

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