One of the smallest terriers, Yorkshire Terriers only weigh in between four to six pounds fully grown. This small breed is one of the most popular. And for good reason, they’re simply adorable! If you’re thinking about getting a Yorkie in Boca Raton, there are some things you should know first.

Here are 9 things you need to know before you choose a Yorkie in Boca Raton.

  1. Yorkshire Terriers don’t need much room to roam. So if you live in an apartment, you can certainly meet a Yorkie’s space requirements, even in an efficiency.
  2. Yorkies do need a lot of grooming. Their beautiful coat of hair is easily matted, so they need regular brushing and grooming. Yorkie hair is similar to human hair and tangles in knots just like your hair. Keeping their coat short makes it much easier to maintain.
  3. They live up to 16 years. If you’re starting a new family and want a great pet that can grow with the kids, this breed is an excellent choice.
  4. And they don’t need a lot of exercise to have a long, healthy life. As long as you give them 15 or more minutes of play time and take walks two or three times a day, they’ll be happy.
  5. They make good little guard dogs. They’re very protective of their owners, as well as loyal. They will defend their territory with barks and yaps. They have no clue how small they are, and they will defend against dogs ten times their size without thinking twice.
  6. They’re easy to spoil. While this can be a great quality, you also have to be careful or they can be harder to train.
  7. Speaking of training, they’re quick to learn new tricks. Yorkies are highly intelligent and easily trainable if you don’t let them pick up bad habits while they’re young.
  8. With proper socialization, Yorkies can thrive in urban environments. This breed can exude confidence and courage, even under stressful conditions.
  9. Like any puppy, they need time and attention. They love to be close to you and spend lots of time together. Yorkies will curl up in your lap just to snuggle whenever they get a chance.