Did you know that it’s possible to finance your next pet? Money should never be an obstacle in keeping you from introducing a new fur baby to your home, especially if you are a loving and responsible pet owner. Pomeranians are a fun, lively, and playful breed! If you’re thinking about bringing home a Pomeranian in Boca Raton, considering Wags Lending for your purchase.

Wags is a great way to ensure you can afford the right dog for you.You don’t have to forgo having a pet at all. You also don’t have to bring home a dog that isn’t a great fit just because they were affordable.

Here’s why to finance through Wags Lending.

  • Wags Lending is very private and secure with your information. You shouldn’t have to worry about the privacy or security of sensitive information. Wags is committed to protecting your data.
  • Wags has competitive interest rates. Compared to high-interest credit cards, Wags is an excellent choice for financing.
  • They offer an early buyout option. You can buyout your term, which allows you to pay off your purchase early. This saves you money over the long term.
  • The contract term is fixed. Your payments cannot be extended when your contract term is up. (But you can shorten your contract term by paying off your purchase early as mentioned above.)
  • No application fee. It doesn’t cost anything to apply, so you can see if you’re approved without any upfront costs.
  • Payments are fixed and don’t change over time. Your monthly payment will never increase. However, you can choose to pay extra to help shorten the duration of your payments. (This does not save any money though.)
  • Your application is valid for 30 days. You don’t have to rush out to find your new pet immediately after approval. Take your time, and make sure to choose the best one for your home.

Get preapproved if you’re ready to shop for a Pomeranian in Boca Raton!

Before you find your puppy, get approved with Wags Financing. Then, you’re ready to bring your pooch home immediately! Shop Love My Puppy for the best selection in Pomeranian puppies for sale. You can always trust Love My Puppy to offer healthy, happy dogs, from our home to yours.