If you’re thinking about bringing home a fur baby for the holidays this year, we invite you to consider Dexter, a toy poodle for sale in West Palm Beach.

What’s Lovable About Dexter, Toy Poodle for Sale in West Palm Beach?

Little Dexter, born 9/21/20, isn’t quite ready to leave his Mommy yet, but he will be quite soon! And this little guy is very lovable and cuddly. Mostly black with small patches of white on his chest and paws, his curly hair is so soft and beautiful. What’s not to love about Dexter? He’s amazing in every way! Just one look at that sweet little face, and you will fall quickly in love!

Here’s Why Toy Poodles Make Excellent Pets!

Known as one of the most trainable breeds, toy poodles are highly intelligent and responsive. Though they may be small in stature, they make excellent watchdogs and alert their owners to anything out of the ordinary. Toy poodles properly socialized do great with children and other pets too, even cats!

If you like lap dogs, a toy poodle is a great breed to choose, as they love cuddling up with you. As long as you exercise them daily, take them outdoors, and make sure they get play time, they will be very relaxed indoors. That is really good for people who live in apartments, as they don’t need a lot of space.

Do you have allergy sufferers in your home? You’re in luck with toy poodles, as they shed very little to no hair at all. Yes, hair. Toy poodles don’t have fur like other dogs. They only need baths every three to four weeks or so. They do need regular grooming, so be sure to schedule that with a professional.

Shopping for a Toy Poodle for Sale in West Palm Beach?

Come in to Love My Puppy to learn more about Dexter and other pups we have available today! We have a selection of small breed puppies for sale and can help you choose the perfect one to complete your family. All of our furry pals come with a guarantee, so you can trust that you’re taking home a healthy puppy.