If there’s one thing all dog owners can agree on, it’s this: pups love going outside! Sometimes, that can translate to your dog pulling a bit too hard on its collar. Harnesses have become a popular alternative to collars in recent years, as owners are becoming aware of the benefits. Considering a harness might be worthwhile. But, before you decide anything for your puppy or adult pooch, consider some of the following pros and cons of harnesses and collars.



  • Come in a wide variety of styles
  • Great for dogs that don’t have a tendency to pull on leashes and dogs that don’t have respiratory issues
  • Better for all-day wear – usually more comfortable than a harness
  • Slip collars, for dogs with slimmer heads or thick necks, close around the neck safely to prevent injury and prevent dogs from getting free of collars (especially great for breeds like Greyhounds and Bulldogs)


  • Can increase risk for neck injury in dogs that are prone to pull on leashes
  • Choke and prong collars designed to constrict and cause discomfort when a dog pulls on its leash. This can cause neck and throat injury.



  • Come in a wide variety of styles
  • Provide dog walkers with more control (like preventing your dog from jumping up on strangers)
  • Great training aid for puppies learning leash behavior
  • Discourage dogs from pulling
  • Less likely to tangle with the leash
  • Greatly reduce risk of neck injury (especially for toy breeds)
  • Less restriction for breeds prone to respiratory issues (like Pugs and French Bulldogs)


  • Less comfortable for all-day or extended wear
  • Tendency to tangle or catch fur

Choosing a collar or harness should be a team decision. Buying either without considering the needs of your furry friend can lead to problems when it’s time to go for a walk. Remember that collars and harnesses won’t necessarily prevent certain behaviors – it’s always best to consider proper leash training to ensure you and your dog are happy, calm, and comfortable when walking.

And of course, ensure your pup always has identification tags. No collar or harness is 100% fool-proof, and tags offer a much higher chance of any lost pups being returned safely!

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