Like all dogs, the Havanese breed requires regular grooming for a healthy, happy life. And of course, there are grooming needs that are specific to Havanese. If you have a Havanese in West Palm Beach, here’s what you need to know about their grooming requirements.

How often do you groom a Havanese in West Palm Beach?

This breed requires regular grooming at least four to five times per week, which includes brushing and combing, as well as other basic care as necessary (tooth brushing, nail trimming, eye and ear care, etc). While they are young, you may want to do it daily so they get used to hygienic care.

How often should you cut Havanese coats?

Havanese hair grows quite quickly, so they may require trimming every six to eight weeks to keep them silky and smooth. Hair around their eyes may need it much more often than that. If you keep up with regular grooming and prefer a longer coat, then you can choose to let their hair grow as long as you’d like.

How often do Havenese dogs need bathed?

In general, your pet needs a bath once every couple of weeks. However, you may find your fur baby needs more regular bathing if they tend to play outside a lot and get dirty. If your pooch has sensitive skin, you may choose to only bathe your dog once a month.

How often should you brush teeth of a Havanese?

Dental care is particularly important for this breed to help prevent tooth decay, tooth loss, and heart disease. While daily brushing is ideal for optimum health, one to two times weekly will help improve your beloved fur baby’s oral health.

Keep your Havanese in West Palm Beach looking and feeling their best with professional grooming.

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