Congratulations on your new Shih-Tzu puppy! You’ve chosen to bring home one of the very best breeds to bring joy to your family for the next 15 years or so. After buying a shih-tzu in West Palm Beach, here’s what you can expect as far as caring for your new fur baby.

Shih-Tzus Have Moderate Grooming Needs

If you choose to keep their coat long, shih-tzus require more regular brushing. They should be brushed up to three times per week, depending on the length of their fur. For shorter coats, once a week may be plenty. However, you may want to brush them often to get them used to grooming while they are young. Longer coats may need three or more times per week to help prevent matting. Before brushing, apply a light mist of hydrating spray.

As far as bathing goes, wipe down their face daily with gentle grooming wipes after meals. Give them a full bath every one to two weeks, or more often if their skin requires special care. You may find that bathing your dog less often is better for them to help your pooch retain their natural body oils that help keep their coat shiny and healthy, and that’s fine. No matter how often you bathe them, always use gentle shampoo specifically formulated for dogs.

Other regular grooming maintenance they require include teeth brushing, nail trimming, cleansing of ear canals, and paw protection. Brush your shih-tzu’s teeth once daily. Nails need trimmed every six weeks, or sooner if their nails grow faster. Clean ear canals when bathing, or more often if the ears become infected. Add paw wax as needed to help protect your shih-tzu against hot surfaces, sand, and other issues.

Give Your New Shih-Tzu in West Palm Beach the Gift of Professional Grooming

Professional dog grooming is a great way to ensure your new pup gets all the proper care they need on a regular basis. At Love My Puppy, we offer stress-free grooming for your fur baby where they enjoy a cage-free experience and can play while they wait. Our grooming services include everything you need to pamper your pooch, including bath, blow dry, nail clipping, dematting, teeth brushing, and a haircut to breed standards or your specs. Call us today for an appointment at 561-368-6767.