Shih-Tzu dogs are a cute, friendly, and extremely adorable breed. Their name, which is Chinese for lion, explains the breed’s beautiful mane. If you’re looking for a small dog that has an affectionate personality and is perfect for apartment living, this is the breed for you. Here’s what you need to know about this type of dog before searching for Shih-Tzu puppies for sale in Boca Raton to make sure you find the best one for you!

Here Are Common Shih-Tzu Characteristics That Make Them so Lovable

Shih-Tzus are small dogs, typically weighing anywhere from 9 to 16 pounds. They stand no taller than 11 inches, making them the perfect size for snuggling and carrying.

The breed is best known for its long silky hair, which comes in all sorts of colors, including dark and light brown, gold, black, gray, white, and even red. A Shih-Tzu can also be bred to have combination coats. Gold and white and black and white are quite common combos.

Personality wise, Shih-Tzus are very friendly and playful. They’re great family dogs and typically get along with humans and other pets, as they love to socialize. If you’re looking for a warm dog who is bright, alert, and curious, you can’t go wrong with a Shih-Tzu pup – or even a Shih-Poo or other mix.

Caring for a Shih-Tzu Is Relatively Easy, but You Still Need to Know What to Do

As with any dog, Shih-Tzus require regular TLC to keep them healthy and feeling their best. One of the key parts of owning this breed is regular grooming. Shih-Tzus should be brushed daily. Because they have a double coat, their hair is more prone to tangles and knots. Daily brushing keeps their coat soft and beautiful.

To keep your Shih-Tzu healthy, you should:

  • Bathe them every 3 to 4 weeks

  • Brush their teeth at least three times a week (This breed is prone to dental problems!)

  • Clean the corners of their eyes regularly

  • Perform weekly ear cleaning

  • Trim their nails every 3 to 4 weeks

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