Taking care of your dog goes beyond diet and exercise. Regular baths, brushing, and other pampering are a must for keeping your pup looking and smelling their best. Grooming is especially important for dogs with long hair and double coats, though all breeds can benefit from routine grooming sessions. Here are five questions to ask a dog groomer in Boca Raton before choosing the right one for your fur baby.

1. What Dog Grooming Qualifications Do You Have?

Grooming training varies. Some learn through apprenticeship programs, while others have completed a pet grooming program. Ask about the groomer’s training, knowledge, and years of experience. Ideally, you want to find someone with plenty of experience and training under their belt for your Maltipoo or other pup.

2. What Grooming Services Do You Offer?

Make sure you know which services a groomer offers. Professional groomers not only brush, wash, and dry your pup, they should also offer mat removal, nail trimming, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning services. Groomers should also be able to identify skin infections, ear infections, and tooth decay.

3. Are You Experienced With My Dog’s Breed?

Some dog breeds have unique grooming needs. Find a groomer that has experience with your breed. You’ll also want to ask whether they can perform the standard haircut for your breed so that your furry friend looks their absolute best.

4. Can I Stay With My Dog During Grooming?

If your mini goldendoodle or other pooch has grooming anxiety, or if you’re worried about being away from your furry companion, ask if you can stay. This is not only comforting for both of you, but it lets you get an idea of the grooming process and how your dog behaves.

5. How Much Does Dog Grooming in Boca Raton Cost?

While price shouldn’t be the deciding factor when choosing a dog groomer in Boca Raton, you obviously want to choose someone who offers great services at a price you can afford. Ask about any additional fees or upcharges.

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