New puppies are an absolute gift, how much love they share and things they do to make you laugh. But handling a new puppy is much like caring for a human baby. There will be challenges, but the reward of your efforts will be so much greater!

Being a New Puppy Owner is Very Joyful

What could possibly be more exciting than bringing home a sweet little puppy? Puppies bring so much joy to the lives of their owners. They share an unconditional love for their humans who show love in return, acting as a reliable companion with a naturally therapeutic presence.

There May Be Challenging Times as Well

Caring for a puppy is similar to caring for a human baby in that they require constant attention. Growing puppies need to eat frequently. They’re also bound to make a few mistakes here and there as they begin teething, go through potty training, and learn which items are not meant to be played with.

New Puppy Tips to Help Improve Your Relationship with Your Pooch

  1. Properly socialize your puppy from an early age. Getting your puppy used to other people and animals encourages them to be curious but friendly with new family members and pets.
  2. Put your puppy through obedience training. Enroll them into a class that will teach them how to play nicely and follow commands. Puppies will retain new tricks and training better than adult dogs.
  3. Get puppy used to a particular potty spot. Encourage them to do their business in one designated location, preferably outdoors, so you don’t end up with messes all over your home.
  4. Be consistent. Puppies like routines, and once you set one for feeding time, walking time, and playtime they come to expect certain actions at those designated times. They may even remind you!
  5. Keep your puppy safe from harm by putting up baby gates. If you don’t want puppy to get into dangerous cleaning products or chew on your favorite pair of shoes, you may confine them to a puppy-proof area for their safety… and your sanity!
  6. Supervise puppy at all times. Your puppy may be frightened the first few nights in a new place. They will be curious as well, enough to get them into trouble if they’re not watched.
  7. Crate training makes trips easier for you and puppy. Get your puppy used to being in a crate while sleeping or while you’re not at home, so they feel comfortable in it from an early age.
  8. Introduce the leash early on. Puppy learns how to behave on a leash, such as not pulling on it, if you use it frequently and from an early age.
  9. Regular grooming helps your pet stay healthier. Long, unruly hair can cause overheating in the hot Boca sun, as long nails can lead to arthritis in dogs.

We Support New Owners Who Buy Our Puppies for Sale in Boca Raton

At Love My Puppy, we want to see your new relationship succeed. We ensure the safety of our puppies by supporting their new owners in making new relationships work. If you’re a puppy owner looking for help or guidance, or want to be a new pup owner, please call us today at (561) 368-6767.